Ciao, Malfy!

Gin from Italy distilled with juniper, lemons from the Italian coast and 5 other botanicals.

The Bottle

The Malfy bottle is decorated using traditional Italian glass design technique and the stopper is made in Italy from real oak.

The Malfy crest is an interpretation of a famous rowing race held between the four ancient kingdoms of Italy each year.

Our Malfy blue represents the Mediterranean and the yellow represents the Italian lemons grown on the Coast which gives Malfy the aroma of the zest from a lemon just picked from a tree.

Gin began in Italy

Gin was invented in Italy in the 11th century by monks on the Salerno Coast. They added ginepro (juniper) and other botanicals to the alcohol - and gin was born.


G.Q.D.I. stands for 'Gin di qualità distillato in Italia'. It is a stamp and guarantee of quality and origin.

Malfy is distilled in our stainless steel vacuum still so the fresh aromas of italian juniper and citrus are retained.

Our distillery

Our distillery is in moncalieri, just outside the city of Torino - An area famed for its production of wines and spirits. established in 1906, Torino Distillati is run by the vergnano family, CArlo, his wife Piera and their children Rita and Valter. Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni are our two distillers.

Con limone

Travelers have always been thrilled by the sight of citrus in Italy, where dark leaves and bright fruit seem to change the landscape, making the trees symbols of a sun-soaked, poetic vision of the country. Citrus holds a special place in the Italian imagination and has enduring resonance in Italian culture.

Malfy uses a selection of coastal grown Italian lemons - some from Amalfi and some from Sicily to give the gin a fresh and zesty aroma.


We use Italian juniper and five other botanicals including coriander, angelica and cassia bark to give Malfy a delicious and refreshing bite - perfect on the rocks, in a gin and tonic or with your favorite Italian cocktail - Negroni or Martini.


A real negroni

An indispensable cocktail hailing from Italy.
With MALFY Gin it can be made with all Italian ingredients!

1 ½ ounces - MALFY Gin
¾ ounce Campari
¾ ounce dry Italian vermouth
Cocktail glass

Shake well with cracked ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a twist of orange peel.

The MALFY Martini

The all Italian Martini.

2 ounces dry Italian vermouth
2 ounces MALFY Gin
Cocktail glass

Fill a metal shaker with cracked ice. Pour in the dry vermouth, stir briefly, and strain out (this may be discarded).

Add 4 ounces MALFY Gin. Stir briskly for about 10 seconds, strain into chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a slice of lemon.

The MALFY & Tonic

The perfect MALFY Moment - sitting on a terrace looking out into the deep blue ocean.

4 ounces MALFY gin
2 or 3 slices of lemon peel
6 ounces premium tonic water

MALFY on the rocks

The all Italian Martini.

Fill a rocks glass with ice, pour on the MALFY Gin and garnish with a twist.


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